Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why you want to give to Nepal

Praying for Nepal is cool. But giving is hot!

Every drop counts
We may think that a small contribution will be nothing more than a drop in the ocean. And yes, compared to the ocean, a drop may not be missed. 

But so what? This is about the ocean, not us. Let's drop our self-serving need to make a massive difference and give our drops - they add up! When we give our drop, we give a part of ourselves and mingle our hearts with this ocean of human solidarity.

Many oceans are needed 
The need is GREAT. We need skilled people to reach remote locations. That means mobilising planes, helicopters, 4WDs and bikes. These volunteers will need to be fed and sheltered as they search for victims and rescue them from the rubble. That means tents, beddings, clothing, food and water purifying equipment/tablets. Many victims will need medical attention, including vital surgeries. That means medical equipment, drugs, electricity. 

You get the picture. 

And we haven't even started talking about helping people resettle. Many people will need new homes. Nepal is earthquake-prone, so these new homes need to be better than those that crumbled. Roads and schools will need to be rebuilt. Many children and old folks may have lost their families. These will need to be cared for. 

Nepal is a poor and landlocked nation. I was there in 2011. Before this disaster, most of the population had very little. For many of them, even that is now lost. They will need help. 

There is an ocean that must be amassed. There are some drops that you can give, drops that you will barely even miss. We're fortunate to be blessed with much more than we need. Let's dig deep and gladly give!

How to drop
- To save exchange rate and transaction costs, do consider giving to a local collection rather than paying in foreign currency to a charity located in a different country 
- Here's one among many lists of reputable charities working in Nepal now
- Personally, I'm making an online bank transfer to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society